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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Senior Performance Software Engineer

Date: _30-May-2011_
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Senior Performance Software Engineer

Work across cross-functional teams to create performance workloads and tests Running workloads on existing products, collecting data and using performance tools to help analyze the problems Benchmark/workload analysis and characterization Performance projections and validation of future, new, and existing SoCs Work with evaluation boards provided by the vendors and help us understand the performance implications on architectural choices used by the SoCs Performance profiling and analysis of WebOS Assisting coordination with external CPU and GPU vendors. Communicate clearly and effectively across departments including Product Marketing, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, and senior executives

Bachelors, Masters, or Phd in Electrical Eng, or Computer Eng, or Computer Science 2+ years of software development skills, including C, C++, and scripting languages such as bash, python etc.

A strong knowledge of computer architecture, compilers (particularly optimization flags and code-gen), and assembly languages Familiarity with power/performance tradeoffs in computer architecture design Experience in CPU and memory-focused performance analysis, debug and tuning Knowledge of (mobile and desktop) GPU architecture is a plus High level of competence with C, C++. High level of competence with Unix/Linux, especially driver development, and the use of Linux in embedded and mobile products. A working knowledge of GPUs and experience programming graphics (OpenGL or OpenGL ES) is a plus Experience with mobile and wireless products with embedded software, and equivalent small-footprint, low-power environments; knowledge of broad areas of software technology. Understanding of hardware/software integration and tradeoffs. Experience in cross-platform debugging Strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills Good debugging skills, both low level (HW/silicon) as well as in the OS Ability and willingness to work as part of a small team with influence across a larger organization Willingness to proactively engage with other people and groups to learn what you need to know to become effective and efficient Ability and willingness to work from drivers up to applications, server development experience is a plus. Demonstrated success working in collaborative team projects. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written Strong knowledge of software development tools and systems. Demonstrated commitment to quality Collaborative and product-focused attitude. Experience with IDEs, source code revision control repositories, memory architectures (NOR, NAND, SDRAM, etc.), code management and development tools. Personable, hard working, organized

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