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US-DC-Washington: Senior Network Engineer

Date: _02-Jun-2011_
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Senior Network Engineer

* Responsible for the local and wide area network systems to include planning, designing, implementation/installation, monitoring, evaluating, selecting operating systems and protocol suites. * Installs, troubleshoots, upgrades, develops and communicates solutions of networks to assure proper execution. * Develops test plans and conducts testing of network/computer products. * Performs site surveys and system audits for resource utilization, planning, and system capacity analysis. * Responsible for day-to-day security administration of the organization's data systems and data networks including performing all procedures necessary to ensure the safety of information systems assets, protecting systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction, and disaster recovery. * Manages software license compliance for the corporation. * Resolves complex interoperability problems to obtain operations across all platforms including networking devices, e-mail, files transfer, multimedia, telecommunications, hardware and software. * The duties of this position can be broad and may include such tasks as installing new workstations and/or servers, adding and removing individuals from the list of authorized users, archiving files, overseeing password protection and other security measures and monitoring usage of shared resources. * Configures systems to user environments. * Purchases hardware and software as needed. * Maintains currency in new developments and technology. * May act as a technical project lead or provide work leadership for lower level employees. * Administration of accounts and servers, installation and operational support, system configuration, engineering services, patch maintenance, security tracking, and systems administration.

Requires Bachelor's degree (in Computer Science, Engineering, Economics or Math) or equivalent, and ten years of related experience.

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