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Aalborg-Denmark: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _17-Jun-2011_
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Senior Software Engineer

* Analyzing business requirements in Billing and AR applications, help Customer with writing new Requirements and also help development team in understanding new requirements and writing Impact Assessment. * Provide ongoing support for the Billing and AR application. * Troubleshoot and come up with ad hoc type solutions to ensure an uninterrupted production stream * Be able to support cross application issues and consult customer on the implementation needs. * Work under loose supervision and Work closely on all levels with the client.


* Familiarity with relevant software for application Billing, i.e. Cobol, C, Oracle, SQL, UNIX. * Familiarity with AR application. * Business understanding of the customer environment and business needs. * Be ready to put in extra effort when required. * Should be a team player. * Have good communication skills. * Experience of working at customer site to support the implementation. * Experience of working with the AR system is an advantage. * Experience in Customer Care and Billing systems for Telecoms. * Must be fluent in English. Knowledge of Danish language will be an advantage.

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