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US-MN-EdenPrairie: IT Compliance Program Manager

Date: _01-Jul-2011_
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IT Compliance Program Manager

* Manage and evaluate security systems, procedures and policies to safeguard information systems, intellectual property assets and customer data. Manage an IT risk assessment program to identify and quantify technology risks and be responsible for its definition, implementation, and monitoring.

* Oversee development and implementation of security standards, procedures, processes, guidelines and policies. Ensure requirements and deliverables are clearly documented and defined. Ensure that project, business, and technical requirements are aligned with policy and are implemented within regulatory and contractual compliance.

* Understand the business organizational structure and culture to best attain objectives and results.

* Participate in the evaluation of products and/or procedures to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

* Work collaboratively with and provide guidance to areas of IT and IT security to ensure the appropriate application of security controls. Monitor the remediation of all findings of assessments.

* Facilitate security audit and assessment activities when conducted on behalf of or at the direction of the business.

* Develop and insure backup & recovery processes are intact and adequate to provide data recovery in accordance with agreed upon service levels.

* Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or related field

* 6-9 years of experience in information security designing and implementing enterprise security solutions

* 3 or more years of experience with information security architecture or operation

* 3 or more years of experience with any combination of the following: researching, recommending, implementing changes to enhance systems security

* Demonstrated experience applying best practices of information security and compliance standards, including but not limited to: PCI, SOX, and HIPAA requirements for information systems

* Working knowledge of industry best practices such as ISO17799/27011 and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

* At least 3 years of experience with application development or assessment

* Experience communicating conceptual and technical information to non-technical personnel

* Experience translating technical data into business impact information

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