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US-CA-SanDiego: Software Engineer

Date: _18-Jul-2011_
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Software Engineer

The ideal candidate for this position will be able to understand and maintain complex legacy code, fix defects robustly, and refactor the code to facilitate future maintenance. This candidate must have the patience to track down bugs that can be intermittent, require long periods to reproduce or involve variable external factors such as defective hardware.

This candidate must have strong experience in both embedded linux and Windows XP environments. This experience will ideally include real-time instrument control from the embedded linux environment. Networking and multi-threaded experience in both environments is a must. Duties will also include maintenance of existing linux installers and Window’s installers written with InstallShield and WIX.

Requirements: • B.S. degree in a computer-related field OR significant software development experience in lieu of a degree. • 3-5 years experience developing robust production code. • 1+ years developing embedded linux instrument control software in C++ using the Eclipse environment. • 1+ years developing Windows WinForms code in C# using Visual Studio. • TCP LAN network experience in both Windows (WNet) and linux (sockets) environments • Multi-threaded experience in linux and Windows. • Possess the ability to follow procedures and accurately document software. • Strong interpersonal and communications skills. • Customer focus, team orientation, self motivation

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