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US-CA-SanFrancisco: Computer Analyst

Date: _12-Aug-2011_
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Computer Analyst I

* Write software to quantitate multiple parameters of 4-dimensional cell migration. Use bioinformatics tools to analyze microarray and deep-sequencing data. * Use computational approaches to identify family relationships and functionally important regions of immune genes. * Maintain and improve lab databases. * Interact with multiple laboratory members in the analysis of data from wet-bench experiments. * Development of independent projects regarding quantitative aspects of immune cell migration, interaction and gene expression dynamics. * BS degree in an appropriate field of science or technology (e.g. joint Computer Science and Biology degree or Bioengineering degree) and research experience utilizing techniques/methods required by the position or an equivalent combination of education and experience. * Experience with image analysis and/or biological sequence analysis a plus. * Ability to set-up, administer, backup, and secure a linux based server. * Ability to build a data analysis pipeline, consisting of output from existing programs and implementation of new algorithms using common languages/platforms (e.g. in perl, python, R, Matlab, C, C++, or Java). * Ability to create relational databases for managing lab data (e.g. in MySQL or PostgreSQL) along with web-based front ends. * Excellent problem solving skills * Excellent interpersonal, project management skills and the ability to schedule and prioritize tasks * Ability to work independently and as part of a team * Ability to take initiative in problem solving. * Experience with image analysis and/or biological sequence analysis a plus.

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