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US-MN-MINNETONKA: Software Engineer

Date: _15-Aug-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Contribute to improving and extending the current volume rendering engine. * Work with external users and internal product owners to understand requirements for the Rendering Team. * Work with external technology partners (e.g. NVIDIA, Intel, AMD/ATI) and internal technical users to optimally utilize and integrate with other system components. * Design and prototype innovative rendering algorithms utilizing GPU and/or CPU; enterprise rendering pipelines; enhancements to medical visualization techniques; etc. * Strong communication skills. * Product-oriented software life cycle skills in C++, including a strong commitment to unit testing and maintainable code. * Strong understanding of the fundamentals of volume rendering algorithms and expertise in implementing them. * Deep knowledge of GPU (OpenGL/Direct3D), CPU, cache, memory and disk systems and how they relate to rendering performance. * Ability to analyze and optimize CPU and GPU code. * Client-server architectures, especially client-server rendering pipelines. * Medical rendering requirements such as segmentation, multi-modality, etc. * Software rendering optimization. * GPU Computing: OpenCL, CUDA, etc * Parallel/multi-thread programming. * Low-level optimization: SSE, etc. * Additional technologies: STL, Boost, PowerShell * Practical experience with Scrum, XP or Agile methodologies.


BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field.

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