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Germany: Software Engineer

Date: _18-Aug-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Functional specifications and technical design * Product acceptance testing * Problem determination and solving * Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows * Languages: C/C++ * EDI Knowledge and/or EAI/B2B products a plus * Languages: Java * Security Concepts (PKI, Certificates, SSL, S/Mime) * XML Technologies * Network and Internet Standards (TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SFTP) * Specific OS platforms Knowledge (MVS, IBM OS/400, Tandem, GCOS7-8, HP Integrity non stop OS, etc.)

* Graduate/Post-graduate degree (Bachelors/Masters) with a specialization in IT * Beginner or skilled in High Tech Industry, especially in software * Demonstrating excellent communication skills, you are rigorous and methodical * Fluent in English

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