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US: Systems Anal/SoftwareDev

Date: _01-Sep-2011_
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Systems Anal/SoftwareDev II

Provides constructive feedback to the team, suggesting actions to improve individual and team performance. Assists the team to accomplish its goals beyond his/her assigned work.

Uses several analytical techniques to break apart complex problems into component parts. Uses several analytical techniques to identify several solutions and weighs the value of each.

Solid foundation in basic programming concepts - Syntax and Semantics, Types, Operators and Expressions, Control Flow, Program/Control Structure

Solid foundation in logic, fundamental structured programming concepts: sequential operations, branching, looping

Some programming background in VBA or VB or Windows Scripting or JavaScript or Perl

Familiar with the Internet Explorer browser configuration in relates to Scripting

Develop and test programming modifications

Analyze performance of programs and take action to correct deficiencies

Confer with users to gain understanding of required modification of existing programs or development of new programs.

Write and maintain programming documentation

Maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed

Possess problem solving capabilities

Ability to work in a fast-pasted environment

Must be flexible and able to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously

Must have excellent communication skills

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