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US-CA-SanJose: Software Engineer

Date: _21-Sep-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Independently design, code, and troubleshoot major and minor file system features while focusing on delivering a reliable, high performance product. * Proactively work with other engineers to ensure consistent design and compatibility with existing interfaces. * Work with QA to ensure that the code delivered is of high quality.

* Excellent C++ skills, including: o Object-Oriented (OO) design skills o Knowledge and application of class hierarchy design and implementation o Multi-threaded (concurrent) implementations o Working knowledge of STL o Programming with Templates * Excellent communication skills. * Self motivator with the ability to work closely within a small team.

* Minimum of 3-5+ years experience working on large scale, complex C/C++ projects. * Solid background in technologies such as: o OS kernel internals (e.g. Linux) o File systems design (e.g. Unix file systems) o Kernel and Device Driver implementation o Memory management * Significant development experience in a Linux/Unix environment, including: o Bash shell or Perl scripting o Basic system administration skills * Experience with network file sharing protocols such as NFS and CIFS desired. * Experience with Network Attached Storage Systems or with software development within a proprietary hardware environment will be an advantage. * BS/MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

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