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US-NY-LakeSuccess: Sr. Client Technologies Analyst

Date: _21-Oct-2011_
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Sr. Client Technologies Analyst

* Gathers information and defines the program needs, objectives, functions, features, input and output functionality requirements. * Analyzes, defines and documents requirements for data, workflow, logical processes, hardware and operating system environment, interfaces with other applications and systems, front- and back-end checks and controls, and reporting. * Translates functional requirements into technical specifications and manages changes to such specifications. * Participates in the analysis of feasibility and compatibility of proposed technologies with existing hardware and software infrastructure, estimate of costs and time of implementation, vendor product evaluation and buy vs. build recommendations. * Has a strong understanding of trends in technologies and uses this knowledge to bring solutions to the business to enhance the enterpriseís capabilities. * Has working knowledge of development tools. * Responsible for the creation and testing of standard software builds (or images) for current and past desktop and laptop models. * Develop software packaging using utilizing Wise Package Studio and MSI technology. (3+ years min. experience) * Conduct Packaging QA and User Acceptance tests. * Responsible for revising and testing standard software builds for current and past PC models * Provide technical consulting support to various IT development and production support teams * Provides expert level technical support for all PC operating system and shrink-wrapped applications * Assists with the association of software deployment packages in conjunction with the Procurement division * Provide PC technical support to VIPís and sensitive areas * Creates Help Desk and Technician scripts to ensure PC standards * Updates and maintains software and hardware standards to be published on the Intranet * Candidate should have extensive knowledge of desktop system, application software and associated desktop hardware, network and server environments, be familiar with the development and maintenance of custom desktop software applications and their distribution methods. * Responsible for Patch management of Microsoft applications * Required skills: * Expertise in Altiris Notification Server & Deployment Solution. * Fundamental knowledge of cross platform environments. Support systems including desktops, laptops and thin client devices utilizing Windows XP, Windows 7, TCP/IP, MS Office, Exchange e-mail, and/or other proprietary software. * Candidates should have a minimum of 5+ years experience in infrastructure engineering disciplines, or similar work, in a medium to-large scale environment. * Ability to analyze and determine the root causes of PC Client issues * Ability to use standard diagramming techniques to present new concepts and solutions. * Knowledge of industry standard scripting languages (VBA, Shell) other scripting tools. * Knowledge of computer and/or network security systems, applications, procedures, and techniques. * Ability to provide technical guidance and leadership to professional personnel in area of expertise. * Must be able to work with third party vendors, contracts * Product knowledge: * Windows versions XP through Windows 7 * Windows-based shrink-wrapped applications

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