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IRL-Cork: User Experience Prototype Engineer

Date: _01-Nov-2011_
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User Experience Prototype Engineer

Develop working prototypes of new experiences within a rapid development cycle. Iterate, optimise and tune performance to capture ideal experience. Plan and manage prototype builds including suppliers to achieve rapid cycles. Develop prototyping platforms and architecture in collaboration with engineering teams. Work with different development teams to design, develop and test fully functional prototypes. Design, develop and make functional electronic modules to support product development. Work closely with Electrical, Firmware and Software Engineers from other sites to ensure technology compatibility within the product architecture. Develop and customise User Interface software for prototype development. Develop and optimise system responses, ballistics, user- interfaces and architectures to optimise the experience

BEng(Hons)/MEng in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Engineering with strong electrical engineering experience. 5+ years in an electrical engineering role within product development. System integration of EE, FW & SW. Fluent in embedded firmware in assembly language/C/C++ including test and de-bug. Software development capability - with knowledge of HTML 5 and Labview. Practically minded with strong problem solving skills. Rapid prototyping knowledge. Some process/manufacturing engineering experience would be a benefit. Interest in latest technology and hand held consumer electronics. Experience with Home entertainment/smart phones/pc peripherals would be a preference.

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