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Date: _04-Nov-2011_
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* Provide software design and management for the 24/7 engineering and maintenance support and oversight for daily software systems maintenance and management for our operations control systems.

* Strong oral and written communication skills. * Strong knowledge of railroad, power and remote control systems. * Strong knowledge of operating systems (Dos, Window NT, UNIX,, and VAX/VMS). * Knowledge of computer network management. * Knowledge of virtual computer management. * Strong knowledge and experience in the integration of digital networks. * Knowledge of Bell System Practices. * Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and/or comparable applications.

* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or five years experience in management and maintenance of computer systems. * Minimum three (3) years knowledge of railroad, power and remote control systems. * Minimum two (2) years experience with programming languages (C,C++, Access, SQL Server) and client server applications. * Minimum two (2) years programming experience with C++, Delphi, .Net. SQL * Minimum two (2) years experience with operating systems- (Microsoft Windows XP, UNIX)

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