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US-WA-Redmond: Sr. Software Engineer

Date: _07-Nov-2011_
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Sr. Software Engineer

* At least five years of hands on experience in a software engineering environment * Minimum Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering or some combination * Proficiency in the following programming languages and development environments: XAML, Expression Blend, C#, .NET * Prefer additional experience/knowledge with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/C++ * Windows development experience is necessary * Ability to investigate new technologies and compose technical reports * Strong prototyping abilities * Good communication skills are critical, especially written communications * Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn new technologies and find applications for them * Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment * Ability to thrive in an environment where the concepts are sometimes abstract and the requirements quickly evolve

* Investigate new Windows’ application environment and create a technical investigation report. * Prototype application software on the new environment. As this is a new development platform, it may be necessary to get information/support from Microsoft people. * Future projects will likely involve investigation and/or prototyping on other platforms as well.

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