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Date: _07-Nov-2011_
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Perform service management through the fulfillment of service requests; incident management through the restoration of normal service operation following incidents; problem management to minimize the adverse effect on the business of incidents caused by errors in the infrastructure and proactively prevent the occurrence of incidents. Perform change management according to IT Change Management policies and procedures minimizing business risk and assuring intended impact of change. Provide service delivery through the long term planning and improvement of IT service provisioning. Provide availability management to optimize the capability of the IT infrastructure and supporting organization to deliver a cost effective and sustained level of availability that enables the business to satisfy its objectives. Provide capacity management through understanding future business requirements, the IT infrastructure, and ensuring that all current and future capacity and performance aspects of the business requirements are provided cost effectively.

Required Skills

* Bachelorís Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related field * At least 3 years of experience in the field if LAN/WAN, Firewall, VPN and F5 Load Balancing required * Expertise in the following protocols: TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, NAT, IPv4 and IPv6 * Expertise in the installation, configuration and maintenance of Cisco Systems routers and switches * Excellent verbal, written communications and project management skills * Industry certifications highly desirable (e.g. Cisco Certified Network Associate/Professional/Expert/Architect)

, OH, US.

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