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US-NY-PortWashington: Sr. IT Analyst

Date: _09-Nov-2011_
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Sr. IT Analyst

* 5 years technical experience with computer hardware and software support in a Microsoft Windows environment. * Experience in regulated industry is preferred (e.g. FDA, ISO, Automotive, or Aerospace). * Must have hardware and technical proficiency with networking equipment, servers, computers, printers and other peripherals. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills. * Basic working knowledge of all general use office equipment.

* Provide computer hardware and software support to network, servers, clients and the technical staff as required. * Monitor system communications to ensure continued service to remote sites. * Assist in problem determination procedures and help develop and implement corrective actions where possible. * Perform general hardware or software maintenance to keep company network, servers, computer hardware and software in good working condition. * Perform the collection of information related to the procurement of network, server, computer, printer hardware and software. * Monitor computer hardware inventory and maintain established inventory in good working condition. * Complies with legal requirements by adherence to requirements of existing and new regulations and legislation. * Complies with all company policies and procedures. * Works in a manner that supports team work. * Completes work to assure customer and results oriented. * Ensures a safe and healthy environment by complying with all company safety policies and procedures. * Perform all tasks associated with the design, implementation, and management of Local and Wide Area Networks using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. * Including registering of users and granting appropriate access to data and peripherals. * Creating network resources such as disk volumes, print queues, and print servers. * Developing and implementing disaster recovery procedures * Monitor the Local Area Network resources and ensure day to day accessibility to authorized users. * Provide information to the Regional Service Desk Manager regarding the network performance and resource utilization based on day to day operations * Design, implement, and manage Microsoft Windows Network with local and wide area usage taken into consideration. Assist other WAN/LAN Administrators as required in implementation or management of wide area networks. * Install and support network/server/computer/printer hardware and software.

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