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US-Michigan-RochesterHills: Software Verification Engineer

Date: _02-Dec-2011_
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Software Verification Engineer

* Participate in the testing of high quality automotive software including hybrid and electric vehicle products. * Be responsible to develop tools and methods for software verification * Design and execute robust software verification test cases to cover customer requirements * Perform "white box" or unit test level software verification tests * Support estimation of scope of work, duration of tasks, and determination of design requirements. * Manage individual project schedules, staying abreast of issues which may affect delivery timetables. * Support tool evaluations and choices as part of the team. * Ensure test verification methods are portable, reusable and modular. * Participate in continuous improvement efforts. Research, recommend, and implement new and/or existing products, processes, materials and equipments.

* BS/MS in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or demonstrated equivalent skills. * 5+ years of experience in testing of Real Time Embedded Controls software for automotive applications. * Embedded software development experience for 16 bit and 32 bit micro-controllers. * C code software development experience with tools and environments for multiple micro-controllers such as MPC55xx PowerPC, S12/X, ST7, ST9, Microchip PICs, TI DSP * Experience debugging driver/low level software * Working knowledge of Digital Signal Processing * Knowledge of CPU's, DSP's, Flash/ROM/RAM and other chips that are used in Embedded Control systems * Experience testing Automotive Vehicle Networks (CAN and/or LIN) embedded software for various OEMs * Experience using the Lauterbach embedded debugger * Experience using CAN based tools such as CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape, neoVI, etc. * Experience using a disciplined software development process based on CMM or CMMi process model. * Software Configuration Management tool experience.

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