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China-Beijing: Software Developer

Date: _08-Dec-2011_
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Software Developer

* Develop and implement software products and libraries following software specifications and an architecture roadmap by performing C/C++ coding

* Design, code, and conduct unit testing * Integrate our product into customersí products, including set-top boxes, mobile handsets and other consumer electronic devices * Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills for interacting with team members

* Bachelorís degree of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related technical degree or equivalent experience * 3 Years+ of hands-on coding on above mentioned technologies * Extensive knowledge of C, C++ and/or Java * Understanding of all phases of the software development life cycle * Ability to perform unit testing * Ability to function effectively in a team environment * Experience with HTTP and XML * Multimedia programming experience * Experience gained in the field of Cryptography, including use thereof in Digital Rights Management Systems

* Consumer electronic device development and integration experience * Knowledge of Linux or other RTOSís and experience in embedded programming * Good understanding of Client/Server architectures * Experience in an Agile development environment, including Scrum, XP, etc.

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