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US: Manager of Information Technology

Date: _16-Dec-2011_
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Manager of Information Technology

* Cisco network infrastructure, from edge switching to (and including) firewall configuration * VoIP utilizing a Cisco solution on a separate wiring infrastructure with traditional VM setup * Active Directory / Exchange 2010 / Server 2008 / IIS 6 and 7 / Hyper-V * VMware ESXi, versions 4 and 5 * DNS / DHCP / RDP / SSL and certificate management / Packet Analysis * BES and remote support * PowerShell scripting (or similar – C / Bourne / etc. is acceptable) * Fundamental CSS / HTML * Experience with Microsoft and VMware licensing, as well as ISP / telecomm management, as well as basic asset management * A basic understanding of physical (SAS 70) and network security (multi-layered, industry-standard posture) * Experience supporting numerous versions of Windows (XP through 7 and Server 2000-2008), the standard Office suite including Outlook and Access, as well as a general understanding of computing theory and practice. It is understood that you’ll have a range of background on the software and hardware side, and can discuss everything from GigE to SAS drives, the relationship of screen resolution to pixel size, IPSEC vs SSL VPNs, hyperthreading utilization, why HDMI is better (and worse) than composite, when a hub is an appropriate deployment technology, typical wireless, troubleshooting across all layers of the ISO model, how to send SMTP via telnet, the difference between PAT and NAT, and different levels of SSL – and whether the client or the server determines the security level in an https connection. * Delphi or MSMQ coding * Experience with .NET from a coding perspective (not an understanding of the .NET framework) * SQL, although we are mostly an MS-SQL organization, we also use some Oracle 9/11 * QA testing and tool usage * SFTP / FTP / other methods and media of file transfer * Web design and deployment, as well as use and management of CMS systems specifically Drupal * EIM system utilization and configuration

* Silverlight / HTML 5 * Microsoft Dynamics * Experience with HIPAA/PHI data training

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