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US-NY-Liverpool: Software Engineer

Date: _21-Dec-2011_
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Software Engineer

Develop software drivers (Windows, LINUX, etc). Applicable interfaces include Ethernet, USB, PCI, and Frame Grabbers.

Design and develop software applications for various imaging and spectroscopy applications with the principal goal being ease-of-use.

Actively contribute to the conceptualization, architecture, analysis and implementation of next generation camera systems.

Software debug, hardware-software integration, and verification testing

Support the Manufacturing team in troubleshooting software and firmware related issues.

Maintain existing software packages to resolve issues, improve performance, and expand functionality by adding new features. Follow document release guidelines for releasing updates.

Adhere to Configuration Management (CM) practices for code development, testing, release and revisions.

Support teammates in diverse disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing and sales.

Occasional interaction with customers

Provide training, mentoring, guidance, and work direction for others where appropriate.

Stay cognizant of industry advancements in development tools, languages and propose investigations into new technologies aligned with our business goals and products.

Advise management of any software-firmware related issues which could have a major beneficial or adverse impact on a project or product.

Minimum Education & Experience Requirements:

Education: B.S degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent field.

Minimum 3 years experience in software engineering and design.

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