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Date: _23-Dec-2011_
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Project Manager, Medicare Reimbursement Software

* Work with Product Management to put together a new Agile development methodology with appropriate supporting tools. * Delivery of critical projects within aggressive timelines. * Hold team members accountable for their commitments, milestones, resources, and deliverables. * Effectively communicate objectives, plans, status, issues and risks in a timely manner to team members, stakeholders and management * Work with Analysts, Development, and Quality Assurance Teams to scope projects, and ensure designs are implemented and tested to specifications. * Educate product development team on use of Agile software development methodologies.

* Minimum 4 years IT/software process improvement experience * Minimum 1 year proposal development experience * Minimum 3 years of experience managing teams * Minimum 2 years of leadership experience within an agile software development team. * Familiarity with Medicare reimbursement methodologies, including DRG, APC, and RBRVS. * Proven ability to manage multiple releases of software per quarter.

* Deep understanding of multiple Agile flavors such as Scrum, XP, Crystal, Lean, etc. * Proficient in Agile development tools, such as Rally. * Hands-on experience in various other roles within an agile team such as developer, BA, quality assurance, product owner, etc. * Proven, strong written and oral communication skills; ability to communicate effectively in meetings, email and informal discussions * Excellent organizational skill and ability to juggle multiple demands without missing deadlines * Must be a strategic thinker with the ability to see the `Big Picture` while executing daily tasks as needed. * Monitors/manages team velocity/throughput * Experience in full software development life cycle

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