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US-Iowa-Johnston: IT Data Analyst

Date: _05-Jan-2012_
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IT Data Analyst

* Create and manage logical data models for an enterprise and/or project level where projects are of medium to high complexity and moderate to high in risk. * Lead the review and formation of processes to create and manage physical data models for applications, data warehouse, and data marts. * Document and map interaction between business processes, information, and data to ensure that business has data integration for projects. * Develop, implement, and support methodologies, standards, and tools for data management such as metadata management, data modeling, data cleansing, transformation and matching, data stewardship, data quality, data integration, data security, and data marts. * Provide input to design of application systems and interfaces to ensure data access, integration, integrity, and security for projects.

* Knowledge of tools used for data management and data warehousing. * Proven experience in fostering a high-performance environment within and across teams. * Understanding of programming languages relative to multiple Data Base Management Systems (DBMSs). * Understanding of database administration, database design (multiple Data Base Management Systems, DBMSs). * Understanding of application development, database, and infrastructure capabilities and constraints (multiple Data Base Management Systems, DBMSs). * Strong analytical skills.

* Previous experience with data modeling tools and managing multiple logical and physical data models. * Previous experience in programming/software development. * Previous experience as a database administrator. * Demonstrated team leadership and mentoring experience.

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