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US: GUI Programmer

Date: _12-Jan-2012_
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C++ / GUI Programmer

1. Maintain and continue the development of various applications. 2. Software Component Design - Design software components using best practices and design patterns. - Find creative solutions to design problems when existing solutions do not suffice. - Analyze existing software design and detect shortcomings, suggest and implement alternatives. - Provide feedback for software design of other teammates. 3. Develop software components using best practices and design patterns - Work closely with team members and with other teams to ensure quick and easy integration of new components. 4. Product and component testing - Perform developer testing for all software modification - Develop test plans for all software modifications. - Work with QA to expand regression test plans. - Execution of test plans before handing off for QA phase. 5. Document new and existing components 6. Research technologies and methodologies which will improve our product or practices

Skills Required:

* 2-5 years with C/C++ and GUI programming. * GTK or QT experience preferred. * Masterís Degree in Computer Science, equivalent industry experience acceptable * Familiarity with development of mathematical algorithms a plus. * Familiarity with Solaris or Linux and Windows operating systems * Understanding of Design Patterns and Unit Testing are a plus * Well organized work habits with attention to detail * Good oral and written communication skills

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