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US-NY-GreatNeck: Associate Python Developer

Date: _17-Jan-2012_
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Associate Python Developer

* Add features to and fix bugs in the research environment * Implement forecasting analytics and associated libraries * Implement custom features and modules required for new production deployments * Refactor production and research code * Benchmark and optimize performance and memory consumption * Maintain and improve testing of model development environment * Resolve alerts from production software during market hours * Document code and system specs * 2+ years of team software development experience * 1+ years developing in a Unix environment * In-depth knowledge of Python * Excellent communication skills * Experience with NumPy / SciPy * Familiarity with SQL / Postgres * Experience manipulating large datasets * Experience in financial services or a related field * Familiarity with git or a similar DVCS * Undergrad degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science

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