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US-CA-SanDiego: Software Engineer

Date: _20-Jan-2012_
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Software Engineer

* Perform data analysis and machine learning tasks such as prototyping new algorithms, performing experiments, and collecting data to determine accuracy rates * Develop tools and scripts to quickly analyze large amounts of data to collect statistics, determine performance, and prioritize areas for improvement * Develop automated tests to check hardware status of kiosks, perform self-calibrations, determine performance parameters, and support factory automation to speed kiosk build time * Increase reliability by investigating visual and mechanical kiosk malfunctions, analyzing log files and operations to determine root cause, and quickly developing solutions to increase robustness * Develop alerting mechanisms to flag kiosk malfunctions, reliability issues, or suspicious activity * Assist with a variety of fraud prevention techniques * Parallelize machine vision and motion control code to improve execution time * Develop user friendly tools for operations team to diagnose and fix kiosk issues without engineering involvement * Support manufacturing operations by developing and maintaining factory automation test tools, determining test coverage, filling in gaps, and logging results * Developing, testing, and deploying well-architected, well-documented, high-quality code in a very fast-paced environment, with release cycles of days, not months

* Bachelorís or higher degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent * Systems integration experience, ability to comprehend and integrate a large variety of technology into a manageable system * Mechanical aptitude, including motor controller concepts, such as limits switches, stepper motors, servo motors, homing sequences, encoder feedback, optical sensors * Image processing and machine learning experience * Understanding of statistics and machine learning performance metrics * LabVIEW Programming experience, or the ability to learn new languages quickly * Low-level motor controller or microcontroller programming experience * Experience in an Agile development environment * Experience using MS SQL Server or equivalent

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