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US-SouthCarolina: Software Engineer

Date: _30-Jan-2012_
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Software Engineer

* The position requested will require extensive knowledge of software development practices (design, develop, test, field, document, and maintain) with emphasis on real-time embedded applications in a DoD environment.

* Specifically, C/C++ programming experience involving General Purpose Processers (GPP) is necessary.

* The applicant should also be proficient with computer networking and working within Windows and Linux environments.

* Prior software defined radio experience is preferable but not required.

* The software engineer/scientist will be working with several of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) networking waveforms.

* This person will be involved with analyzing waveforms with an emphasis on software portability and software quality, as well as with porting waveform software from one target hardware platform to another.

* The applicant will need to be able to communicate events and analysis through documentation.

* Though not a frequent occurrence, this person must also be willing and able to travel to test and/or demo events in support of sponsor needs.

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