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US-CA-SantaClara: Software Engineer

Date: _31-Jan-2012_
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Software Engineer

- Work as part of the Engineering team. - Responsible for the development, enhancement and sustenance of products. Work with multiple teams including Development, QA, customer support and professional services. - Contribute to the architecture of the product line. - Participate in project planning, requirement analysis, design, implementation and Unit testing. - Participate in team activities like peer reviews and design reviews. - Guide junior engineers in following good engineering practices. - Work with Documentation team and help them create technical product collateral for use by fiel - Position requires a Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related technical field and seven (7) years of experience in the job offered or a related computer engineering position.

- Experience must include:

1. Software Systems Development and Maintenance. 2. TCP/IP & application protocols (such as HTTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FTP). 3. C/C++ design and implementation skills 4. Read and understand large code bases. 5. Debugging skills 6. Troubleshoot complex problems and analysis of core files 7. Reproduction of customer problems in-house. 8. scripting language (Ex:- Shell/PERL/Tcl/Python)

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