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US: Lead Software Development Engineer

Date: _16-Feb-2012_
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Lead Software Development Engineer

* Object-oriented software design and implementation using C++ * User interface design and implementation using Qt * 3D graphics design and implementation using OpenGL * 3D geometry creation/manipulation libraries * Scripting language design and implementation using Tcl/Tk * Structured grid generation technology * Unstructured and hybrid mesh generation technology * CAD and CFD software interfaces * a B.S. or higher in computer science, engineering, or related field * 5+ years industry experience developing commercial C++ applications * 1+ years experience leading an application development or engineering team or project * U.S. citizen or permanent resident (due to the requirement to handle ITAR-controlled customer data) * an ability to work both independently and in a team environment * effective communication skills * working knowledge of source code management tools, preferably Perforce * familiarity with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix * working knowledge of C, Tcl/Tk, OpenGL, and Qt * experience with multi-threaded and parallel applications * strong background in mathematics, including linear algebra and calculus * familiarity with grid generation and/or CFD

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