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US-NV-LasVegas: Web Developer

Date: _22-Feb-2012_
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Web Developer

* Participate in development projects for various client-side and back-end applications and services related to payment processing

* Analyze, review, and modify Web applications via maintenance, documentation, testing, development, and monitoring

* Continuously monitor industry trends, technologies, and standards; research, recommend, and apply new Web technologies as they emerge

* Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution and solve problems

* Self-motivated, with the ability to thrive in a dynamic working environment

* Proficient in ColdFusion,Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL

* Knowledge ofother programming languages, such as PHP, is a plus

* Driven to deliver exceptional results

* Ability to communicate information and ideas so thatothers can understand

* Pleasant withothers on the job, displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude

* B.S. in computer science (preferred),other related field, or equivalent experience

* Experience in e-commerce and/or in the card payment industry desired

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