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US-CA-MountainView: Software Engineer

Date: _05-Mar-2012_
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Software Engineer

* Debug, troubleshoot, software issues arising from customer escalations and develop solutions to fix them.

* Work closely with various engineering teams to develop and deliver product solutions to customers.

* Ability to broadly understand product and company goals to design and implement improvements.

* 2+ years C/C++ programming in Unix Environment

* Strong ability to debug and troubleshoot software issues in the Unix Operating system kernel.

* Experience or knowledge of File Systems, Volume Manager, Clustering is a plus

* Strong understanding of debugging techniques and tools such as gdb

* Self motivated with excellent verbal and written skills.

* Strong understanding of Unix development environment

* Familiarity with large-scale software product development processes including multi-platform development.

* Familiarity with enterprise software requirements.

* Comfortable working on cross-platform code base (Unix/Linux).

* B.S. or M.S. degree in Computer Science or related field

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