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US-CA-LosAngeles: Software Developer

Date: _09-Mar-2012_
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Software Developer

* Responsible for requirements review and interaction with Product team.

* Responsible for planning, architecting, design and implementation of projects and product features.

* Work on technical specification and to work on higher and lower level software design specifications.

* Produce and maintain clean, high quality and standards compliant code.

* Responsible for writing unit and integration tests.

* Responsible for troubleshooting and debugging the web application issues.

* Work on the code review and change control processes.

* Work with other members of the development team to ensure successful implementation and integration of middle and database tier with other tiers in multi-tier web-based applications

* Maintain cutting edge knowledge of current and emerging technologies, industry trends and standards in enterprise web applications world.

* Will be self reliant and should be able to work as individual or in teams.

* Participate in architecture board meetings and provide technical insight.

* Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.

* Excellent programming, architecture, design and code development, code debugging and testing skills and troubleshooting skills.

* Strong core Java skills and understanding of OOP and design patterns.

* Working knowledge of core Java libraries, Java EE concepts, JSP, Servlets, and XML.

* Experience in Java 5 is a must to have.

* Strong experience in Spring Framework, Hibernate and Spring MVC.

* Tomcat or JBoss application servers experience.

* Experience in relational databases and hands on in SQL and database schema design.

* Experience in both Windows and Unix/Linux environments

* Experience working on and leading small development teams.

* Experience with web services, unit testing frameworks and agile methodologies.

* Familiarity with and adherence to JEE standards.

* Experience with clustered and distributed system architecture and designs a plus.

* BS/MS/PhD in CS or equivalent experience.

* 10+ years of experience in Java based data driven web application development.

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