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US-Nj-: Sr. Java Software Developer

Date: _20-Mar-2012_
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Sr. Java Software Developer

Lead a team of software developers for Architecture, Design, Development and testing of enterprise Applications using Java Applications.

Team leadership of complex projects involving large systems. Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion. Participate in Architecture and Design discussion. Analysis of client business processes and functional requirements; Interact with clients and develop design specification. Monitoring project development, and ensuring conformity to project specifications at all stages as well as obtaining periodic client acceptance of the project deliverables. Work with VP, designers and developers to define new features. Team leadership and management of complex projects involving large systems. Design and implement middleware and GUI components. Design, develop and implement tools to support communication with devices and integrate with back-end systems using multi-tiered approach; Design and development of monitoring tools; Develop logic and code, and execute installation tasks for the management software and supported software modules; Writing and implementing test cases, Track project milestones and deliverables. Plan, coordinate and review the work products of other programmers and developers under his supervision. Req: Masterís degree (or Foreign Equivalent Degree) in Computer Science, any Engineering, Math, CIS, Science, Business, or related with three years of experience.

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