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US: Software Design Engineer

Date: _23-Mar-2012_
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Software Design Engineer

* This position requires an experienced software developer to act in the role of team lead. * Job responsibilities shall include the design, modification, development, writing and implementation of software programming applications. * Interacts frequently as the development team representative with the customer in the collection and translation of customer requirements to defined specifications. * Ability to maintain project development requirements is essential to this position. * Implementation and maintenance of configuration management best practices is required. * Based on broad objectives and management, identifies, defines and solves complex technical problems which require a high level of ingenuity and innovativeness. * Provides functional and technical guidance to engineers. Leadership and technical direction for a project team is required. * Hands on development is required. * This position requires senior level proficiency to apply significant job related experience. * A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

* Expert knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems. * Experience using C++, Java and Java Script software language is required. * Experience using Apache Tomcat web server software implementation. * Primary skill for this position is analytical based. * Other important skills include communication, computer,leadership, short-term and long-term planning and problem solving skills.

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