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US: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _24-Apr-2012_
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Senior Software Engineer - C++ C#

* Enhance functional capabilities, performance, and robustness of the existing system

* Investigate and resolve customer inquiries and software defects * Proactively contribute to software performance optimizations and continuous improvements to code quality, robustness, and development processes

* Minimum 6 years in commercial-grade software development, specializing in backend business logic, frameworks, scalability and performance aspects of the system * Minimum 3 years developing Windows applications using C++ * Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced team-oriented environment * Strong analytical and communication skills * Must have the following technical expertise: o Object/Component-oriented design and programming o Fluency in C++ and usage of Microsoft Development platform libraries and tools o SQL Serverô, programming with T-SQL and Microsoft data access technologies o Knowledge of code analysis and performance-tuning tools * Experience with the following technologies is a plus: o .NET Framework, C# o Multi-threading on Windows platform o Background in math, high-performance distributed and parallel computing :

* B.S. in CS. M.S. Preferred

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