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US-CA-SanDiego: Staff Software Engineer

Date: _07-May-2012_
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Staff Software Engineer

* Be a Staff Engineer, Debug Core Technologies in the Platform Group of TNT. Develop the core technologies to power a new generation of tools. Work directly with the game teams, group tech lead, and group managers to define and create (or port) optimized tools, system libraries and drivers, protocols, and more as needed

* Advanced knowledge of C++ or Java * Multithreaded/Multiprocessor programming expert * At least 1 year experience programming in C/C++ * At least 4 years total experience programming in C/C++ and/or Java * At least 1 year Windows development experience * At least 1 year Linux, BSD, Solaris, or SGI development experience * Talented designer with a strong desire to create elegant, useful technology that delights users * Excellent planning/documentation skills mandatory * Experience in client-server and distributed processing. * Positive and motivated person who enjoys working on a team. * At least 2 years working with on a game team * At least 2 years doing kernel development * At least 2 years working with Java * At least 2 years working with SQL * At least 2 years working with XML * Japanese a plus * Experience designing easy to use graphical user interfaces * Experience using GWT

Education: Bachelor's degree or equivalent

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