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US--CA-SanFrancisco: Web Developer- PHP

Date: _14-May-2012_
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.Web Developer- PHP

* Hands-on development experience with PHP, Java, HTML5, REST/SOAP, JQL, CSS * In-depth understanding of JIRA, J2EE, PostgresSQL, Web Architecture, XML, scripting languages, Linux/UNIX and other key web and client-server technologies. * At least 3 years of related technical experience. * Track record of success creating web-based systems. * Fix bugs in a timely manner following project schedules. * Help manage and execute test cycles.

* Technical experience in structured software development with a track record of creating web and client-server applications. * Be capable of self-management within a larger team environment. * In-depth understanding of PHP, Java, SOAP, PostgresSQL, JIRA, scripting languages, Linux operating system and other key client-server technologies.

* Ability to write efficient, clear (and well-commented), maintainable and portable code. * Research, analyze, and write up technical designs and functional specifications. * Review others designs and specifications. * At least 3 years of web development experience. * Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, or equivalent

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