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US-MD-Fulton: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _04-Jul-2012_
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Senior Software Engineer

* Planning, processing and performing all jobs in an efficient manner with little direct oversight from the supervisor. * Uses appropriate design methodologies and patterns in order to build high quality systems; maintain compliance to appropriate standards. * Software analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, and software reliability analysis. * Documenting requirements and design as well as developing user and maintenance documentation. * Integrating software with existing systems. * Evaluating and identifying new technologies. * Supporting project planning and project management. * Representing the organization in providing solutions to difficult technical issues associated with specific projects. Frequent inter-organizational and customer contacts. * Will begin to learn concepts of software estimation, Earned Value Management, etc. * Experience developing applications in Java and C++ (or other applicable programming languages). * Experience developing applications using Object Oriented Design methodologies - using SW Development tools. * Demonstrated ability to work to a schedule and meet deliverable dates. * Demonstrated ability to report progress via accepted communication channels such as email, JIRA, and/or Confluence. * Demonstrated ability to document designs. * Has comprehensive understanding of business products, applications, domains, and/or programs. * Ability to react to change and handle other tasks productively. * Ability to coach and mentor junior/mid-level employees. * 4 + years experience with system requirements as well as software development, test, integration and documentation * B.S./B.A. in Engineering, Science, or Mathematics

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