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Date: _18-Jul-2012_
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software engineer - C++ - CAD

The individual will assist with the COM based API design and testing to further enhance the interface between components and all aspects of the core product, such as drawings, assemblies, data management, system interface and graphics. A strong intuitive understanding of ease-of-use as well as effective programming/debugging skills is essential. The individual will be part of a highly qualified and successful goal oriented team.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: 2+ years software engineering experience preferably within CAD or other engineering software applications.

EDUCATION: BS/MS degree in Engineering discipline or Computer Science.

REQUIREMENTS: Must have a high level of proficiency with C++, MFC and COM concepts Must possess a keen understanding of typical programming concepts A working knowledge of VB, C#, OLE, ActiveX and the .NET Framework is a plus Demonstrated ability to clearly articulate complex technical concepts and ideas to external and internal partners Proven experience as part of a team working towards aggressive project milestones Engineering or CAD experience a plus

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