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Date: _17-Aug-2012_
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You will work with a team of highly talented graphics software engineers from a wide range of backgrounds. you will design operating system independent graphics driver modules that are binary compatible across multiple GPU generations; you will participate in the development of new real-time rendering techniques to support the evolving gaming and computer aided design industries; you will support the architecture and validation of our next generation of graphics processors before they are made;

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: - Must hold an M.S. or higher degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science/Engineering. - Strong programming skills in C and C++, in depth knowledge of assembly code. - Solid background in mathematics, algorithms and data structures required. - Familiar with 3D graphics architecture, CPU and computer system architecture. - Working experience inside operating system kernels and device driver. - Experience in real time 3D rendering or ray tracing required. Knowledge of OpenGL or DirectX a plus. - A strong team player; self-motivated and good attitude.

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