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UK .Net Developer

Date: _30-Aug-2012_
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.Net Developer

Extensive knowledge of web and desktop development/programming methodology, languages and systems; to be able maintain stable, reliable, robust, ergonomic and efficient applications.

Ideally 2-5 years experience in the listed technologies.

a .Net Developer to act in the design, development and maintenance of new web based software applications being deployed within the business to ensure compliance with project goals.

Client side: browser applications HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Ajax, Web Services, Client side: desktop applications vb, c#, .net, com Server side: windows IIS (to version 6), extensions, virtual folder management, application pools, http, https, ftp, asp, .net, Server side: web site/application design, coding and database interaction, conversant with standard tools Dreamweaver or Visual Studio, web graphics tools Photoshop/Fireworks, Expression, Server side: Microsoft sql server (to 2005 -) table/column creation, maintenance & querying, stored procedures, triggers and views, TSQL, scheduled events, import & export

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