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US: C Sr. Developer

Date: _04-Sep-2012_
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Career Opportunities: C/C++ Sr. Developer (7541)

* Modify and extend existing search and match algorithms * Design, develop, implement, and test analytic tools for internal use * Develop and automate extraction, transform, and load (ETL) routines * Assist with the interpretation of test results * Assist with data analysis and suggest actions for improvement

* BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience * Significant development experience in C or C++, with strong algorithmic skills * Experience on a variety of platforms including Linux, Unix, and Windows * Programming proficiency in network protocols * Experience with API-level programming on multiple RDBMS including Informix and DB2 * Fluency in software engineering best practices including design, documentation, unit testing or test driven development, source control, and automated builds

* Previous development experience on credit reporting systems * Strong interest in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, or computational linguistics * Experience with ANTLR framework * Java development experience * Shell scripting, Perl, Ruby, or Python experience * Willingness to travel

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