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US-FL-Miami: Mobile Device Security Engineer

Date: _13-Sep-2012_
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Engineer II, Mobile Device Security :

* Conduct and supervise mobile device security engineering testing on on handsets including Android smartphones with high efficiency whilst maintaining high quality and accountability. * Conduct and supervise hacking related test scenarios on handsets including Android smartphones as guided and needed. * Conduct and supervise technical security and hacking research on handsets including Android smartphones. * Conducts and supervises technical security engineering analysis of root cause and solutions for issues discovered during testing, hacking, and research. * Reviews testing, hacking, and analytical results performed by team of Engineer I personnel * Provide finalized reports on mobile device security test successes and failures. * Provide finalized reports on hacking and research related issues. * Provide Mobile device security team with finalized information and analysis of projects and tools as needed. * Coordinating testing schedules. * Participate in creation of technical test plans and documentation * Conducting and supervising technical reviews on security engineering related presentations and material * Performing and supervising training related to conducting of Mobile device security testing, research, and hacking * Help in creating, organizing, and reviewing technical documentation

* Participation in hardware, software or network testing. * Attention to detail * Self-motivated worker willing to follow guidance, directions, and procedures. * Strong research and analytical skills. * Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills.

* Bachelorís Degree in Computer Science or Engineering. * 3 or more years of engineering experience is required especially related to wireless devices.

Job Location , FL, US

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