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US: Senior Developer

Date: _21-Sep-2012_
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Senior Developer

* Responsible for creative support and development of proposals and prototypes. * Works with producers, lead developers, and software development manager to propose creative solutions in response to client RFP’s. * Works independently on small-scale web products, with guidance from other senior developers, lead developers, and software development manager. * Assists in the recommendation of new special features. * Assists in the recommendation of an appropriate and effective interface design. * Analyzes scope of the functionality and content. * Develops prototype code to demonstrate feasibility and pedagogical value of selected functionalities. * Assists in determining and creating an effective structure and organization for project content. * Assists in developing code – including reuse of standard elements – to create prototype. * Assists in research and development. * Researches solutions to bugs and new other software performance issues. * Works to assure that own code is bug-free. * Ability to utilize front-end web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 * Ability to utilize JSON, XML, AJAX and Restful HTTP APIs * Ability to utilize jQuery * Knowledge of front-end frameworks such as Backbone.js * Knowledge working with Photoshop and ability to convert Photoshop designs into HTML templates * Knowledge of server-side web technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, and/or Java (JSP) * Knowledge ofFlash, Flex and AIR * Knowledge of CMS and/or LMS systems (Wordpress, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) * Knowledge with troubleshooting web applications * Understanding of cross browser issues/inconsistencies * Knowledge of code validation to W3C standards * Ability to solve complex problems.

* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science OR related field OR directly related year for year experience * 5 years experience working with front-end web technologies such as: HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and CSS3

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