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US-MA-Andover: Sr. Software Engineer Java

Date: _03-Oct-2012_
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Sr. Software Engineer, Java, C++

The ideal candidate will also have exposure to infrastructure, both physical and virtualized. Use cases such as automated provisioning of application platforms, service level test and measurement, and triggering automated recovery actions are all applicable.

The position may include the mentoring of more junior developers, as well as daily interaction with management on progress, issues, and ideas.

* Demonstrable software engineering expertise in any of Java, C++, Ruby, Python, C#

* Experience in architecting large volume, diverse, multi-application systems

* Process engineering and automation knowledge, including Orchestration

* Programmatic interface development, using a Web Services style interaction

* Strong Linux/UNIX experience, including shell scripting

* Strong written and verbal skills

* User Interface development (Ajax, GWT, SmartGWT, JavaScript)

* Service Provider exposure, familiar with functions within OSS/BSS

* Software-based or hands-on experience with networking and systems infrastructure

* Development experience with Cloud or Virtualized environments

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