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US: Sr. Software Engineer

Date: _01-Nov-2012_
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Sr. Software Engineer

Design and implementation of various features identified as requirements by Product Management and the open source community.

Work with test to resolve bugs, performance issues, and gaps in requirements. Collaborate with any open source communities for technologies the company is leveraging. Be excellent ambassadors for the company to the broad community. Follow Agile development methodologies as part of the development process.

? Experience with Linux systems is required. ? Experience with OpenStack is desirable. ? Experience with Hadoop is desirable. ? Experience with distributed systems is desirable. ? Experience with storage is highly desirable. ? Experience with memcached is desirable. ? Experience with Agile development methodology such as Scrum is desirable. ? Experience working with remote, distributed teams and customers is desirable. ? 6+ years experience preferred, but relevant experience trumps time spent on the planet

Bachelor's degree (CS, EE, or Math preferred) or equivalent work experience; Graduate degree in (CS, EE, or Math preferred) preferred A minimum of 8 years experience developing storage solutions

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