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US-MD-Gaithersbur: Java Developer

Date: _14-Nov-2012_
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Java Developer

* Implement new components using the framework created by Cimarron Software. * Maintain and debug the customized software. * Work closely with the laboratory to gather requirements. * Develop a test plan for the system. * Create documentation for the customized software.

* Strong background in data structures and algorithms. * At least 1.5 years of Java programming experience. * Extensive experience in Object-oriented programming. * Prior MCV and 3rd Tier development experience. * Experience in server side, EJB, and database Java programming. * Knowledge in object-to-relation persistence architecture. * Able to write complex SQL queries. * Experience with open source Java tools. (e.g. Eclipse, Tomcat, Maven, etc.) * B.S. in Computer Science or related fields. ====================

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