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Date: _06-Dec-2012_
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* Provide comprehensive architectural support and leadership for the design and implementation of technical solutions. * Work closely with project stakeholders to ensure business vision and requirements are addressed correctly. * Produce and maintain architectural designs and models for existing and proposed solutions * Carry out performance analysis of existing and proposed solutions against difficult-to-achieve performance requirements. * Evaluate 3rd party products and components and provide results, including, but not limited to: quality, performance, and integration methodology. * Provide guidance and leadership on development lifecycle activities including service-oriented and object-oriented analysis and design. May supervise the activities of others. * Interact with vendors, as required, to provide necessary oversight to software implementation and rollout activities. * Effectively communicate design concepts to both technical and non-technical communities

* 5+ years of experience in enterprise software development and design, preferably in web application environment * 5+ years of experience in senior software engineer role * 3+ years experience applying Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to real-world solutions * 3+ years experience designing and implementing N-tier application architectures, preferably using REST * Expert architecture, design, and implementation skills in C# or Java (or both) * Experience with .NET WCF or Java Web Services implementation of services, preferably using REST * Experience with Enterprise Service Bus and other message-oriented middleware technology * Understanding and working knowledge of event-driven architectures and related technologies including complex event processing * Experience working in and with cloud-based environments such as Amazon Web Services * Experience in the development of SaaS platform web services API, preferably using REST * Experience in the development of SaaS business web services, such as Provisioning and Billing * Understanding and working knowledge of non-relational databases and data access protocols (key-value, graph, document- and/or object-oriented databases) * Experience with software architecture modeling and with one or more relevant modeling languages, such as UML * Working knowledge of principles of design and development of web-based systems - web servers, session management, etc. * Experience designing systems for high-performance: high throughput, high-availability, low latency, etc. * Experience working within Agile/Lean methodologies * Self motivated and willing to “do what it takes” to get the job done * Team Player * Strong written and verbal communication skills. * High degree of self-motivation to learn new methodologies that will enhance job performance

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