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US-Utah: Software Engineer

Date: _17-Dec-2012_
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Software Engineer

* Develop/design large software systems * Develop distributed computing, information retrieval, data mining, and machine learning systems according to specifications * Write, optimize and diagnose queries using multi-tenant HA MySQL database systems * Ensure cross-browser compatibility in developed software * Design, optimize and implement HTML web UIs using AJAX to interact with back end objects and DBs

* BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics * 2-4+ years LAMP experience, preferably using OO PHP as part of main job description * CSS and HTML knowledge within MVC frameworks * Javascript * HTML 5 UI design * Objective C, Android or other mobile development * Hadoop or HPCC * Machine Learning - ANN algorithm design * Master-Master/Master Slave MySQL query optimization * HA Federated DB Systems design and optimization * FLEX, Flash and Adobe AIR platform * Data Visualization and reporting systems * Smarty Template Engine * jQuery Javascript Library * HA Telephony systems and architecture * SIP * Asterisk or FreeSwitch * Linux

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