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Date: _18-Dec-2012_
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* Create & maintain - instructions, guidelines, policies, documentation, and procedures for the upgrade processes, program development, logic, coding, testing, changes and corrections of our Analytic Applications * Perform application upgrades for SaaS Integration Applications * Provide hands on system administration and technical expertise in a growing product environments * Support Internal users access data and transactions associated with 3rd party Export/Imports * Support Internal teams building configurable 3rd party integrations * Produce deliverables by gathering information and understanding the business needs and objectives * Analyze code to find root cause and provide remediation recommendations * Spends up to 50% of their time working on projects requiring high degree of technical expertise * Work with Cloud Support Team to analyze technical issues from production * Work with Cloud Deployment Team * Install new software builds created by the internal Engineering Team * System configuration and deployment of Analytics within our UltiPro Suite * Troubleshoot technical issues for all application servers if needed

* Understand SAN / NAS Technology. * Understanding/Experience working with Distributed File Systems * Understanding/Experience working with Com+ Applications * Understanding of Microsoft .NET architecture * Experience implementing ERP/CRM software applications * 3+ years experience as a Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator * 3+ years experience as a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Administrator * 2+ year experience working with VMWare or other Virtual Server Software * Exposure to Executing SQL scripts * Exposure to working with XML * Ability to multitask and adapt quickly to emerging technologies * 3+ years experience performing with B2B Applications or Data Exchange Applications * 3+ years experience with/supporting Data Transformation or Cloud Integrations * 3+ years experience performing system configuration and administration is required * 3+ years experience with data warehousing life cycle and dimensional modeling is preferred

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