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US-Arizona-Tucson: Software Engineer

Date: _07-Jan-2013_
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Software Engineer

- Practices, mentors and develops company concepts, policies and procedures, familiar with and follows standard practices.

- Applies functional expertise at a level to make significant company contributions.

- Project goals are broadly defined; defines project milestones; responsible for timely project completion.

- Makes major contributions to strategic directions and projects through knowledge of technology and its creative applications.

- Drives activities for publication and/or patent potential.

- Conceives, plans, and executes projects related to the strategic needs of the company.

- Designs and executes experiments to test hypothesis related project outcomes; extracts the full relevance of technical observations.

- Applies advanced technical knowledge to multi-disciplinary projects.

- Assures experimental quality through sound experimental design; utilizes DOE; assists in the design of experiments for others.

- Participates or leads cross functional technical teams.

- Develops and maintains internal and external contacts to maintain technical knowledge.

- Trains others using a variety of methods on the theoretical and practical basis of techniques, processes and products.

- Participates or leads in project planning, process updates and contributes to experimental design.

- Presents results of projects both internally and externally.

- Reviews and critiques presentation for others; presents complex technical data to large and diverse groups.

- Monitors work to ensure quality, and continuously promote Quality First Time. Who you are

-BS or equivalent in a directly related discipline, MS highly preferred. Advanced studies or training.

- Demonstrates success in technical proficiency, creativity, collaboration with others and independent thought.

- Expert knowledge and application of engineering principles and concepts.

- Reputation as emerging leader in field through performance and accomplishments.

- Understands and uses expert practices for requirements management, development and analysis.

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